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Not too long ago, an editor from a column I’d love to “crack” sent out a tip about pitching him an idea.  It said: “Don’t put two spaces after a period.  I instantly will know you’re over forty.”

Those of you (us) over forty might recall that we were taught to hit “space-space” after a period because typewriters (on which we learned to type) would otherwise crunch sentences together.  Apparently word processing programs are smarter than that, but we just haven’t caught up.  The young ‘uns have to search and replace all our double spaces.


Not too long after that, my daughter made a comment about one of my text messages.  She said something about how I “put one of those weird, hand-made emojis” in it (like so: 🙂 instead of one of the pre-made, image-based ones that most phones come with nowadays.  Apparently, my communication methods are showing my age and I didn’t even realize it.

I feel judged.  I particularly hate being judged for things I didn’t even know about ahead of time.  Judgement with no possibility of parole.

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