I have this life

Yesterday I chatted with my agent to talk about several items of outstanding business – pages I’m showing her, steps to take on several balls we have up in the air, a conversation I [...]

The day the music died

The original 16-page (?!?) working manuscript of the lyrics to “American Pie” has been sold at auction for $1.2 million.  With the story about the sale, I finally read an explanation [...]

For you

An ode to my gardenia-scented skin lotion: My sugarplum.  My sweet thing. I love you. I love you with the wild abandon of a first crush. Your touch invigorates me. Nothing in the world smells [...]

What’s in a name

My life would be so much easier if my name was Marie Andrew.  Like… orders of magnitude easier.  Tallied up, I would probably get weeks or months of my life back that I didn’t have to [...]


When the trees start to flower, I am overcome with a bizarre obsession.  As I drive around, all I can think of is sneaking up to every flowering tree I see and cutting off branches, then running [...]

The scourge

The other day when I got home, my son looked a bit worried.  “There is a deer in the backyard,” he said, waiting for my reaction. M)%#$#^! I am offended by the presence of deer in my [...]

Find your playlist

I’ve often said that writing is about remembering. Even when you’re making something up (which is what writing fiction essentially is), you still have to access memories of your own [...]

Ode to Misty

I have had many pets in my life and I have loved all of them.  Still, when one goes, it’s hard not to think they were the most special.  So is the case with Misty the ferret. I got Misty [...]

My travels

  This is the view from where I’m staying in San Francisco today.  Pretty awesome, right? 2015 was supposed to be the year of the “no travel” after the madness of 2014. [...]


Not too long ago, an editor from a column I’d love to “crack” sent out a tip about pitching him an idea.  It said: “Don’t put two spaces after a period.  I instantly [...]

Life hacks

I am a big fan of something called “life hacks.”  They generally come in the form of articles and they show you clever ways to solve simple household problems.  For example, cutting [...]

Can an app make you happy?

There it was in my Facebook feed, one of those ads for new apps I normally just scroll past.  The first one caught my eye because it annoyed me so much.  It was called “Facetune” and [...]