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new plantersI came back from California with some pretty wicked jet lag, so I didn’t get as much done in the garden this Saturday as I might have liked (oh, napping is divine).  But I DID get some good gardening mojo from my trip.  I bought two planters for the entrance to my garden, something I’ve been wanting to do forever, and filled them with plants inspired by the dry-weather foliage which so captured my imagination on my trip.  And ivy, because ivy goes with everything (and it was also plentiful in the gardens of San Francisco I so admired).

I have taken Monday off work and plan to spend it all in the garden, so hopefully I’ll have full flowerboxes to report on after that.

Irises are sprouting up, although with the late frosts I’m not sure when I’ll get blooms.  I’ll post pics when I do.

Solar lanterns are hung in the patio, flower boxes are under way (still a few more to go).  Your move, summer.  Let’s get it going.

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