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I love my daughter madly, but as she firmly settles into her adolescence, she has begun to ask for things.  A lot of things.  Not only stuff but a variety of things, most of which need to be provided with the haste of an emergency response team.

“Can you drive me to the mall?”  “Can my 10 friends come over?”  “Can you make sure we have Cheetos?”  Every request carries with it the risk of immediate disaster if it’s not met with instant compliance.  Even though I have a full time job and this whole second other job trying to get these crazy books of mine written, sometimes it feels like my main job is to chauffeur and cater to her and her brother.

So, the other day, I said to her, “I’m going to change your contact name in my phone to Urgent Request.  That way, whenever you call or text, I will know to drop everything.”

Without missing a beat, she said, “I’m going to change your contact name to Incoming Sass.”

So, yeah.  She’s definitely my kid.  I could hug her a thousand times over for that wonderful, snarky brain of hers.

Here’s the happy ending to this story: she started working this week!  So she can keep herself in Cheetos on her own these days.


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