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Here’s something kind of hilarious I found by accident.  There’s someone on Ebay selling “a signed first edition” of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY, complete with a picture of the page with my signature on it.  What?  Why?

I have signed hundreds of copies of the book by now.  Whenever someone asks an author to just sign the book and not personalize it to them you know that they plan to either sell it or re-gift it, I have been told by wiser and more experienced authors.  Which, hey, go wild.  But Ebay?  What are the chances of anyone buying it?  I particularly enjoyed how they tried to hype the importance of it by calling it a “first edition” when it’s actually just the only printing the book has had thus far.  They are also charging about $10 more than you’d pay for a brand-new copy of the book on Amazon.  (Unsigned, of course, but still “first edition”).

Let this be a lesson to you: the next time you see the words “first edition” not followed by the name Hawthorne or Hemingway, consider whether you are being sold something which you could buy just as easily at the local indie bookstore for way less money.

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