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Sometimes old lines from my favorite movies start running through my head and won’t stop (you can imagine how much fun it is to be me).  This is from Legends of the Fall, one of the movies that best encapsulates my thoughts on love: it’s impossible and will only lead to disaster but we can’t seem to keep ourselves from it anyway.

This is delivered as a voice-over in letter form by Julia Ormond, yearning for Brad Pitt at his yummiest.  The music behind it is among the most beautiful ever composed.

“It has been months now, and still no word. Do you still care to know what is happening here? Cattle prices continue to fall, and winter seems never-ending. Why don’t you write? Are you never coming back and are afraid to tell me?

I have nowhere to send this letter and no reason to believe you wish to receive it. I write it only for myself.

And so I’ll hide it away with all the other things left unsaid and undone between us.”

legends of the fall

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