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For those of you who subscribe via email, I wanted to write you a little note about the posting that I do sporadically which I like to call “housekeeping.”  This morning, I created two new posts (“Awards and Praise” and “Events”) so as to freshen up that carousel you see to the left of the home page (where the pictures rotate).  Home pages of websites shouldn’t be static and unchanging, and I hadn’t updated that for a long time.  This website maintenance stuff is work!

Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to disable the email notifications for posts, so you get emailed even when it’s not a “new” post but a website update.  Apologies!  Your time is valuable to me and I am grateful and humbled that you’re here, so I will try to keep these housekeeping posts (and website brags) down to a minimum.

Let us now resume our day!  Hope yours is wonderful.

PS – as a parting thought, I will share something I always remember on June 12th: it is Anne Frank‘s birthday.  She would have been 86 years old today.


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