In Writing

I thought I knew
And paths

I thought I had to work
And push
And shoehorn my circumstances into the shape of my will

I thought I knew

But all that’s led to injuries
And strains
And sorrows

It has been fruitless
Like telling water where to run

I surrender

I surrender the need to know
I surrender my certitude
I surrender my desires
My will
My wants

I surrender my shards of need
My daydreamed outcomes

My resistance to what is
My insistence on a truth
My unfillable void

I unclench my fingers
Let it all slip through
I hold nothing

Please, all that is
See my white flag.
I am done fighting
And dictating terms

I kneel, head bowed
In a simple white sheath
Of openness and trust

I surrender

Take my hand and lead me
I know nothing
And so I am free

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