In my twenties and thirties, I was all about righteous rage.  I railed at the injustices I saw, furious at the humans who perpetrated them.  In my forties, I’m trying to be more [...]

Top Ten Bookish Characters

Just the other day, after watching THE BOOK THIEF, I pointed out to my kids that so many books (and movies based on books) feature writing and reading as the thing that saves the day or [...]

Your opinion requested

I have an opportunity to pitch an essay to a big publication with a theme on mothering… and I’m drawing a blank.  If you’re a regular reader and have found one piece or theme of [...]

One rad mama

Oh, silly me.  You may recall I was stressing the “Color Me Rad” 5K I’d signed up for but didn’t have much time to train for. I shouldn’t have! It was far more big [...]


Today I took a bunch of pictures of my daughter and me at a color run.  In order to protect our eyes from the falling bright-hued powder, we wore sunglasses.  They happened to be mirrored.  In [...]


A while back, someone tweeted the title of my book along with the hashtag #QuietYA.  What could that mean?  How did I feel when I found out?  A bunch of other writers also mentioned as [...]


I have refrained from writing about Trump until today.  I’ve tried.  Really, I have. I haven’t always abhorred him.  For starters, since he’s a New Yorker, he and I go way back. [...]

We had galaxies between us

One wall of my daughter’s room is chalkboard paint.  I surprised her with it one year when she went on vacation with her dad.  Since then, she fills it up with cool sayings and drawings.  I [...]


Check out this incredible image of the Earth, taken from one million miles away.  It was taken by NASA’s DSCOVR camera (aptly called “EPIC”) this month.  It’s remarkable [...]

10% Happier

I’ve been meditating since I was 18 years old.  I’ve been a student of the positive psychology movement since it first started making news with books by Martin Seligman and his [...]

I miss you

I love traveling for business.  I love everything about it – crisp, white hotel sheets, the little shampoos, learning to navigate new streets, discovering new restaurants.  Each trip makes [...]

Featured in The Record

Here’s an article about diversity in young adult literature in today’s copy of The Record, a New Jersey newspaper. (With some scintillating quotes from moi!). Read the story online: [...]

Deep (Part 2)

Guess what!  After I posted the “I hate small talk” graphic, a friend sent me the one below in reply.  Hooray!  It feels so wonderful to be understood. There are lots of us. [...]


I am not great at small talk.  At some point during a town party or barbecue, I have an out-of-body experience, watching myself incredulously, feeling super-awkward in my attempts to play the [...]

A favor, New Jersey

Hello dears!  I just got word that my interview in The Record, a local paper here in NJ, will be in the paper this coming Monday.  Wonderful, except… I’ll be in Seattle!  I’ve [...]


I thought I knew Answers And paths I thought I had to work And push And shoehorn my circumstances into the shape of my will I thought I knew But all that’s led to injuries And strains And [...]