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Just the other day, after watching THE BOOK THIEF, I pointed out to my kids that so many books (and movies based on books) feature writing and reading as the thing that saves the day or represents freedom or meaning.  This is probably no coincidence, since books are written by writers, who so often feel saved by their experiences with the written word.

A week after I made this observation, I saw a wonderful link pop up on my Twitter feed linking to an article in Forever Literary about the “top ten bookish characters” in her favorite novels.  The best part?  M.T. of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY is among them!!  The even better part?  Liesel from THE BOOK THIEF is too!  It was such a treat to see my character listed alongside such a beloved and well written icon as Liesel.

Do you like your heroines with a side of bookish?  If so, check out this wonderful list of book recommendations from Forever Literary.  Click here.

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