In Writing

Hello dears!  I just got word that my interview in The Record, a local paper here in NJ, will be in the paper this coming Monday.  Wonderful, except… I’ll be in Seattle!  I’ve asked the kids to buy me a copy, but, kids being kids without their own means of transport, I’d like a back-up plan.  The paper went to the trouble of sending a photographer to my house, so vanity demands that I get my hands on a paper copy of the article (I am one of several authors featured in an article about diversity, lest I be misleading you into thinking it’s an article only about me).  Still, I’m excited!

The Record has special meaning for me because I was a paper girl for them for years when I was a teenager.  During a time where “paper girl” was not a well-known thing (and years before adults in cars started to deliver newspapers), The Record was good enough to give me a chance to earn some great pocket money.  I loved my 5:00 a.m. walks, rain or shine, to deliver my 100-newspaper route.  So it’s doubly an honor to know that all these years later I’ll be in the paper, after carrying stacks of it for years.

I will post the link to the online version of the article once it’s up.

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