In Writing

gold-trophyToday I got a request for review copies of my book for a big state award. (I’m not sure of the protocol of announcing these things, so for now I shall be very vague). It means nothing except that they want to consider it, but it made me so giddy I wanted to share. It’s from an influential state and I’m really excited! Keep fingers crossed for me, please. And sprinkle magic good-wish dust over the copies my publicist is sending them even as we speak.

Many states have their own book awards and these are usually awarded a good year or two (or sometimes three) after a book is published. So for a book like mine, which came out in 2014, now is the time when these types of requests may start to roll in.

How’s that for a blind news item? It’s like one of those short pieces in the gossip magazines that says, “One aging A-list star was spotted with a very drunk-looking rock star at the latest hotspot.” Umm… what? Not very substantive. But I promise an update as soon as I have it.

Smooch to you for reading and sending groovy vibes out into the universe for me!



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