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Just kidding! You didn’t really think I’d wasted valuable time on a message I can get for free any time on any network, right? No, silly. I’m a busy girl. It’s just that I read an NPR article by the same title and thought it would be a fun joke to play on my unsuspecting blog readers (nothing but love, peeps. You know how I enjoy faking you out with my titles). If you’re super-curious, here’s a link to the article from the people who really did read the book so no one else has to. You may want to click over just to see an image of the cover, which is hilarious. It looks like Trump is six years old and has just been told to clean up his toys. Click here.

But, if I put on my magic telepathy hat, I think I can come up with a pretty good prediction of what he writes in the book.

I bet it’s:









There you go. All done now. Go on to your regularly scheduled lives.




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