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WordPress does this cool thing: at the end of the year, it sends you an email with stats about your blog. I find it nice to look back at my year and see what I’ve accomplished.

Here is one quick snapshot of some of the stats (below). Out of 365 days in the year, I wrote 313 posts. Since I’ve set myself a goal of posting once a day, that’s an 85% completion rate. (A passing grade, if this was school). If we give me weekends off, I’ve exceeded the goal. The other interesting thing (to me) is that Monday is my strongest day. Which goes to show you that if I slack on the weekends, I come back with energy on Monday. Yay, me!

It’s kind of humorous to note that my biggest consecutive streak of posting actually happened while I was on vacation (I pre-wrote for the whole time I was gone and scheduled them to be published once a day. I guess that counts as far as WordPress is concerned). And it looks like I’m on track to celebrate my 1,000th post this coming year. Now that I know WordPress is keeping score, I’ll aim for a longer streak of days with consecutive posts. Think I can make 45? (I’ve already done a 30-day challenge, years ago. Might be time to up my game).

A friend and I (hello, B!) are talking about each self-publishing a book of top posts, just to repurpose some of our favorite work on our respective blogs (we’d be doing it concurrently, but not in collaboration. Two different blogs. Two different books). I’m excited to pull some of my favorite posts and make a book out of them, just to give me some more immediate gratification while I wait to sell a novel. I’m tentatively aiming for a 5/1/16 release date, although since I don’t have a clue what’s involved in self-publishing a collection of essays, I’m not sure if that’s realistic. It’s all very much in the planning stages. But let’s call it a resolution for 2016.

For you, faithful readers, who email me and let me know you hear what I have to say, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. (But I can try!). I hope you’ll let me know how you’re reaching your own goals as well.



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