Dear 2015

My friend and fellow author, Lisa Amowitz, posted these wonderful words and I asked her permission to share them here. If you had challenges in 2015, this is for you: Dear 2015, I know you have [...]

The year in blogging

WordPress does this cool thing: at the end of the year, it sends you an email with stats about your blog. I find it nice to look back at my year and see what I’ve accomplished. Here is one [...]

Travel in 2016

  I’m excited to have been invited to participate in the 2016 Riverdale Literacy Festival in Fort Myers, Florida, in March. I have fellow author friends who have participated and just [...]


I have dressed up the blog with its winter look. Now that I’ve taken to playing around with the header, I feel the need to update it more frequently. (It’s been three different things [...]

Trump has a point

Okay, here goes: Trump has a point. If I’m to be the honest, free-thinking person I fancy myself to be, I have to admit it. The point in question was raised in a tweet overnight, in which [...]

Be careful

Early on in my days as a mother, I promised myself I would never say these two words to my children: “Be careful.” And I’ve tried hard not to. The thought first occurred to me [...]

Christmas plenty

I never thought it would come to this but it has: I don’t want any more gifts for Christmas. I don’t want my Christmas to be about “stuff” anymore. I have always been a [...]

The peace of wild things

I thought of the piece I wrote the other day, the one about going to the woods and sitting on a rock to find peace, and then I came across this beautiful poem by Wendell Berry called The Peace of [...]

Dear House

Today marks 16 years since I first crossed your threshold as your “owner.” You have been so good to me, so today I wanted to thank you. It was right before Christmas. My belly was [...]

A life imperfect

Every year, I write down what I want to achieve in the coming year and store it in the Notes on my phone. I read somewhere that it’s best to state resolutions as if they’d already [...]

Happy Winter Solstice

This is my solstice post from 2014. It bears re-posting on this winter solstice as well: Today is the shortest day of the year.  It’s appropriately gray outside.  The light is dim and [...]

The world spins

The phone rang this morning at 8:05 a.m.. It was a call timed as only someone who knows when I drop off my children at school can time it, because he sometimes shares the chore. “Good [...]

I love this goat

I have a thing for goats. I could regale you with why, but then you might think I’m weird. Okay, I’ll regale you with why. First, my now-ex-parents-in-law had a goat farm. I used to [...]


Shortly after I moved out at 18 years old, I signed up for one of those old-fashioned book clubs which shipped you out a book a month unless you told them not to. (I had overestimated the [...]

The psychology of weird

I am fascinated by aberrant human behavior. Give me a documentary about the childhood of a serial killer or a totalitarian ruler, and I’m hooked. What makes people do things most of us [...]

The best thing to give

I hadn’t even heard of “Giving Tuesday” last week when I decided it was time to find a new volunteering opportunity. (Giving Tuesday is today, FYI). For me, it just felt like [...]