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BN book festivalYvonne and Alison and I are actually doing TWO Barnes and Nobles events on June 12th, not just one. Besides the one I told you about before, in Clifton, there’s another in the Woodland Park Barnes and Noble at noon.

Also note that the Clifton event has been changed to 3:00 p.m. to give us more time to chit chat at Woodland Park and get from one to the other. Come to one or both:

Somehow, the universe always conspires to give me a book event for my birthday. This year, it’s on Sunday, June 12th, at the Barnes and Noble in Clifton, NJ, at 3:00 p.m.  Okay, sure, it’s actually two days before my birthday, but since I just consider all of June my birth month, we’ll go ahead and call it close enough.

Mark your calendars! I will be appearing with the inimitable Yvonne Ventresca, who has a fabulous new book coming out in the fall, and Alison Ashley Formento. It will be an awesome time! Come out.

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