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Summer sun is warm, sitting outside with friends is the best, and I thought that calls for a new “Top Things You Don’t Know About Me” post. Here it is:

  • As a teenager I used to head into the city to go watch obscure James Dean TV shows from before he was famous at the Museum of Television and Radio (now the Paley Center for Media). I was such a James Dean nerd that I joined his fan club (more than 20 years after he died). I still have that membership card somewhere.
  • In my junior year of high school, I bugged my teacher to let me do my big term paper on Lolita, that totally inappropriate book for a teenager to read. To her credit, she allowed it, because she believed in intellectual freedom. She played a big part in who I am today.
  • I was friends with that teacher and had lunch with her regularly until her death.
  • I have a collection of wooden spoons. Which is kind of funny because I hate to cook. But the spoons are so beautiful! I also have more dish towels than probably anyone you know, and a far too impressive chef’s knife collection for someone who barely uses them. There’s just something about a well-stocked kitchen.
  • I started writing my first book at thirteen. It was about a rich girl who had it all but was still unhappy, which is kind of funny, if you think about it. (I guess I had not yet read “write what you know”). I did not finish it.
  • I write every day, sometimes blog posts, sometimes just private diary entries, sometimes on a book, but every stuff
  • I have never had a beer. (I know! I always win Two Truths and a Lie with this one, because no one ever believes that. But it’s true!). I’m not a teetotaler. Just no beer.
  • I have a list of 12 books I’m dying to write hanging in my living room, so it will inspire me. Sometimes it does! Sometimes it just frustrates me because it never feels like the process goes fast enough.
  • My to-read pile is starting to eat my living room.
  • When I was eighteen I worked for an activist organization making phone calls soliciting donations. I lasted two days and I couldn’t take it after that.

If you’re looking for the more “serious stuff,” like my story and what I write, visit my Media Page, which has links to my official bio, recent press mentions and book covers for download. Thanks so much for visiting!










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