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I am catching on to this concept of chronicling life through pictures. I’m a word girl, so sometimes it’s not intuitive. But I’ve been getting better at it. Click here In other [...]

You numpty

I have long had a love affair with all things British. I got up in the wee hours to watch Princess Diana’s wedding and, decades later, her son’s. I’ve read their histories and [...]

Get your bookmarks!

I have new bookmarks for THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY and I’d love to send you a signed copy. Send me an email at maria (at) mariaeandreu (dot) com with your snail mail address and I’ll [...]

New pet

When a momma deer decides your yard is safe enough to leave her little one while she goes to do her momma deer work, somehow that makes life a little brighter. Open to name suggestions. UPDATE: [...]

Restless feet

I am restless. After running errands, I go to Barnes and Noble with my free summer Friday (still madly in love with these 4-day workweeks), and come back with a stack of books and magazines. [...]

Fun stuff

Summer sun is warm, sitting outside with friends is the best, and I thought that calls for a new “Top Things You Don’t Know About Me” post. Here it is: As a teenager I used to [...]

On this day

The first wish came on the 13th, from a writing friend in New Zealand, a place in the world where it was already my birthday. The next followed from an old New York friend, now in Japan, also a [...]

Today… a woman

Last night I watched Hillary Clinton become the first woman to be the presumptive nominee of a major political party. I can’t say I’ve been her most ardent supporter – I passed [...]