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I tend to roll my eyes at manufactured “days,” but something about learning that today is National Girlfriend’s Day made me smile.

I have been blessed in the female friend department. Some of my dear friends of today I’ve known since childhood. Others I’ve just met. Moving into the writing community, in particular, I’ve met “sisters from another mister” by the score. I always have someone to have a laugh with or, in sadder days, to lean on.

I like that it’s National Girlfriend’s Day and not just Friends’ Day. Because there is something powerful and unique about friendships between women. I have many great male friends, and they bring something important, too, but I particularly appreciate the funny, supportive, warm and deep bonds that happen between women. Every single one of my girlfriends is a precious individual.

So, if you’ve got a female friend (or ten) that you’re particularly grateful for, go thank her for being your friend!

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