The ultimate blondie

I remember when it became apparent I could no longer eat gluten: spring of 2014. My book had just come out and every time I went to a new book tour stop, I got violently ill. At first I thought I [...]

Blind date with a book

I love clever ideas, and if they’re bookish to boot, they make me really happy. So I was delighted to discover Blind Date with a Book, which gives you the blind date experience… with [...]

I read paint

Perhaps one of the best things about the internet is how democratizing it is and how it helps us discover things without having to go through gate keepers. I discovered one such gem on Instagram [...]

Occasion to fall

I don’t jump into things. I haven’t jumped into a pool since the Reagan Administration. I used to love counting how many steps I could clear on my best friend’s stoop, climbing [...]

Hi, lovies!

I missed you! Did you miss me? I had an absolutely amazing time on my beach vacation. Didja notice I was gone? Apologies, but I know you’ll understand when I tell you that I had a [...]


Okay, I promise you I have a busy life and lots of things to do, but, yes, I did just spend an hour playing with a panorama app for Instagram. For a long time I’d been wondering how the [...]

Black Flowers White Lies

I know all the best people! One of the coolest things about being a writer is getting to know other writers and having a chance to get a sneak peek at their books before they officially hit the [...]

My new obsession

Okay, so I’m not proud of this, but here it is: my new obsession is American Ninja Warrior. Yes, it’s cheesy as heck. Yes, the title makes no sense. But there’s something [...]

29 Gifts

I like to find ways to reconnect with goodness. This summer has been so peaceful and filled with love for me that I wanted to find a way to pass on the simple joy I’ve been feeling. [...]

A simple happy

These are what can rightly be called dog days of summer. In my part of the world, it’s “inside-the-oven” hot and muggy as heck. My garden is showing some signs of deep sighing. [...]


It’s been years and eons of sitting at the computer and the phone and now it’s done… this marks my 1,000th post! If you’ve noticed that I’ve stepped up the pace of [...]

The monks of New Jersey

There’s an intersection near the center of my town where I’m always glad to get stuck by a red light. It’s unremarkable, near a park, but by its more unlovely entrance, on flat [...]

An auspicious date

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. (Or… it would have been, had we not stopped counting). I totally forgot until this morning when I checked the date to see how many days are left until [...]

Words to live by

Scouring the internet for corny quotes to print out and tack to my bulletin board, I came upon this decidedly uncorny but very wise quote. For those of you looking for quotes about letting go, [...]

Stuff I wonder

If Dawn dish detergent is strong enough to wash petroleum off birds, should I really be putting it on my hands? If we “build that wall,” will it be high enough to keep out airplanes? [...]

I’m a trapeze artist

Okay, okay, so I know I said I swore off men. And I kinda sorta meant it at the time. I kinda sorta mean it even now. I’m busy, and I don’t need headaches. But, well, I’m a [...]

My house just sold

Just about every weekend, I go walking with my mom in a small nature preserve in the next town over from mine. After that, we drive by what for years I’ve called “my house.” Not [...]


I love what Hillary Clinton represents, and I very much want her to be president, but it always makes me uneasy to see Bill Clinton speaking on her behalf. Because the elephant in the room is [...]

All eyes on Jess

Everything I’ve ever known is a lie. I was listening to Simon and Garfunkle’s “The Boxer” to get myself in that early 70s mood for a scene I was writing. I followed along [...]