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I know all the best people! One of the coolest things about being a writer is getting to know other writers and having a chance to get a sneak peek at their books before they officially hit the street. So I was tickled when Yvonne Ventresca (of the awesome “pandemic” book named, err… Pandemic) asked me to read an advance copy of her forthcoming Black Flowers White Lies. (Is that the best title you’ve heard in a long time or what?)

In it, a teen girl (in New Jersey, obvs!) starts to see strange occurrences around her, and wonders if she’s being haunted… or if it’s all in her head. You’ll keep guessing until the last page. It features a hot new boy (who may not be all that he seems) and some darkly subversive humor. It’s a real page turner. If you read Pandemic, you’ll find BFWL goes in an interesting new direction creatively, but it’s close enough in style and sensibility (including humor!) that if you liked Pandemic you’ll also really get into BFWL. And if you haven’t read Pandemic, what are you waiting for?

And because awesomeness deserves cool design, her marketing team was nice enough to put my blurb in his nifty little shareable graphic.

Black Flowers White Lies Blurb

Check out Black Flowers White Lies on Amazon: Click here
Check out Pandemic on Amazon: Click here

Visit Yvonne’s website for upcoming author events and more: Click here

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