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I missed you! Did you miss me?

I had an absolutely amazing time on my beach vacation. Didja notice I was gone? Apologies, but I know you’ll understand when I tell you that I had a zero-electronics policy on this vacation. I usually pre-write a bunch of posts and schedule them to publish each day I’m gone so it’s not obvious I’m away, but this time I just decided on a full fast. That included my phone! It is usually surgically attached to me, so that was quite a challenge, but I succeeded in staying away. (Okay, I succeeded for the most part. I cheated and used it for GPS since I was several states away, but otherwise only allowed myself to check it once in the morning and once at night).

Other than that, I unplugged completely. My mission for my time away was :

  • Meditate every morning
  • Journal every morning, and
  • Absolutely no “real” writing allowed

The agenda was just blanking out. So I did a lot of floating in the pool, hanging with friends, chilling by the ocean and taking long walks under the absolutely spectacular stars, as well as the obligatory dinners out and some touristy stuff. Perhaps my favorite thing all week was the zip lining. The company that runs that zip line has three other parks about an hour or two away from my house, so now that we’re back home our mission is to try to hit all of those before it gets too cold.

beachSo… did all this relaxation work? Yes! I feel absolutely inspired and alive and sooooo happy. I am about as tan as I’ve ever been. The “no writing” rule was to take all pressure off myself, and it worked! I am raring to go and completely recharged.

Now just looking to enjoy the last few days of summer (about to see some of my very favorite people for Labor Day!). I hope your summer is as magical as mine has been.

What’s best is that some of the good habits of the vacation seem to have stuck. I also meditated and journaled today, which makes me feel so centered and calm. I worked out, cleaned up and otherwise just loved life. There’s nothing like a vacation to clear the cobwebs away.

For your amusement, here’s a collage of pictures of me being silly on the beach. #beachhair #dontcare









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