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One thousand four hundred and thirty four days left to survive until the next presidential election. They are days we must not let go by idly. Sure, it’s easy to relax, focus on decorating for the holidays (do that too). But we need to continue to be in a state of alert. Today’s actions for me: new donations to the ACLU and to MALDEF, an organization which protects the rights of Hispanics in the United States.

Not everyone chooses to be as vocal as I’m being about their concern for the direction of our country. I came across a great article on what you can do in “silence,” without being public. If your job or your family ties make it difficult for you to be outspoken, attend protests, or post on social media, here is a great list of what you can do. Click here.

But please do what you can. Today! Together, we’ll make it through.


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