Day 1434

One thousand four hundred and thirty four days left to survive until the next presidential election. They are days we must not let go by idly. Sure, it’s easy to relax, focus on decorating [...]

When America had one mom

The Brady Bunch ran from September 26, 1969, a year before I was born, to March 8, 1974, when I was three, almost four. It went into reruns after that, a constant in my childhood. Living in a [...]

Yes, it was racism

I have watched my friends and the media grapple with the question of why white voters flocked to Trump. People who want to believe the best in people (including most Republicans) seem to prefer [...]

13th – a review

When I first read The New Jim Crow, a book about how drug laws actually serve many of the same uses as Jim Crow laws, I was absolutely electrified, but frustrated that most people who don’t [...]

The Future

I woke up at 4:00 for an early flight today. I’m not a “spring out of bed” kind of girl, so I checked out my Facebook feed while I tried to shake my groggy head awake. What I [...]

Teens: what you can do

I know how frustrating it is to watch events unfold and feel powerless, especially if you’re not eligible to vote. This presidential election made a lot of people feel that way. But you are [...]

What you can do today

Many of us spent the better part of this week reeling. The shock and pain have had their use. We can continue to grieve for the America we thought we lived in – more inclusive, tolerant and [...]

I see you

This was originally posted by a novelist with whom I’m friends on Facebook. I found it so powerful I asked if I could share with full attribution. This person requested I post it [...]

What I used to watch

I have a busy mind, and I don’t do well with just keeping it idle. I don’t mean to make that sound super high brow. I have watched and read a lot of fluff in my life, whatever is [...]


It was, perhaps, the most appropriate if grotesque place to mourn the 2016 presidential election: an old Louisiana plantation. I’d been long planning to use my last day in New Orleans to [...]

The deep

I have had my share of devastation. I have had those moments in which life changes forever. You try to hold on and tell yourself it won’t, but even as it’s unfolding you feel a [...]

The morning after

I thought I’d cry, but I am numb. Scared to my bones. I went to sleep close to 3:00 local (4:00 am Eastern), with a list of results to check in the morning. Michigan, Wisconsin, [...]

November 9th

Sweet ones: It is 2:30 on the East Coast, and this presidential race seems all but called for the candidate I never seriously imagined might win. For millions of people like me who believe he is [...]


I was twelve years old the first time I got groped. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve read this story before, because I’ve written about it at least twice. I was walking home [...]