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I don’t have a cohesive post in mind, but I feel like saying hi, so here I am.

First, I am so “on” in my writing life, and I’m so delighted about it. Today I reached 18,456 words of an expected 80,000 word YA fantasy novel, about an empress and a servant whose lives collide during a revolution.

So I’ve got the clone novel with my agent (fingers crossed for me, please) and a bunch of stuff at various stages of completion. For those of you keeping score at home, here’s the order I’m going to tackle my works in progress:

  • After the fantasy novel, I’m going to go to my dystopian, currently at 28,000 words. I just love this one so much that I really want to get it right, so I’ve been doing a bunch of research on how societies fail so I can do it justice.
  • Then I’m going to revisit my YA contemp about the teen girl coping with her brother’s suicide with a quest and a road trip. That one’s done but needs edits.
  • After that, I’ve got 30,000 of another YA contemp, 10,000 of another dystopian (life after plague, I call it the “Lion Book” for reasons that have something to do with the plot), 10,000 of a “Jesus Camp” story. And, of course, the memoir that still tugs at me. Plus a list of 11 other ideas I love and which haunt me every day. I wish I could write about 4x what I usually do.


Anyway, in other news, I have realized that when my hair looks good, I feel an irresistible urge to take selfies and post them on Instagram. Shallow? Absolutely. But I’m here to reveal the bad with the good. At least I’m warming up to this Instagram idea. I was late to that party.


Speaking of parties, it is now officially Christmas party season, and the invitations are hitting fast and furious. Which I know is nice and means people like me, but just the idea of having to go to all of them makes me want to take a nap. But the good news is that if my hair comes out looking good for each of these parties, we’re talking a lot of material for Instagram selfies. That’s sort of motivation. Also, I was in Soho this weekend and saw the hottest red sequin mini dress (kind of like Dorothy’s shoes, but in dress form). I may not work up the courage to go back and get that one, but I think it means there are definitely sequins in my Christmas party future. Red ones!


I think it is absurdly weird that Al Gore and Trump are meeting today over climate change. But, hey, imagine it was all a hoax by the Chinese and Trump is actually not insanely unqualified to lead the free world?


Oh, he appointed Ben Carson, with no experience of managing large organizations and no housing development credentials as his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development? Well, never mind, then.


Maybe I should just go back to curling my hair as a coping mechanism.



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