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I was honored to learn that THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY was one of the books discussed in a recent scholarly article entitled “Refugees and Immigrants in Children’s Literature: New Books to Build Understanding Across Borders” by Professor Amy Cummins of the University of Texas Rio Grande. It’s an insightful and information-packed piece which offers many valuable resources. For one, I finally got a citation for the “mirrors and windows” theory of children’s literature. The theory, which says that it’s important for kids both to see themselves in literature, but also to gain glimpses into the experiences of others, is often quoted but rarely attributed. Thank goodness for professors! I learned that it can be traced back to Sims Bishop’s 1990 work in Perspectives.

More than that, it references many interesting books on the immigrant and refugee experience (my to-read pile just got taller) and an analysis of the value of exposing young readers to this variety of experience.

Check it out: click here.

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