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I’ve lucked out in a lot of ways, and one of the best ones is in the family I’ve been fortunate enough to land in. My kids are witty and awesome (but, of course, they’re my [...]

It’s on

I feel like many of my recent posts have been sort of gloomy, which does not at all reflect how my day to day life is going. Life is good! My biggest problem, currently, is a band of masked [...]

Bugged out

There’s a quickening of my heart, trot to canter. I can’t quite tell what causes it. It could be anything, these days. Deportation forces carrying out round-ups, dark and quiet, [...]


A few days ago, Twitter erupted with the hashtag #metoo. It was meant to convey the sheer magnitude of the numbers of women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed, in solidarity with Harvey [...]

A whisper

I write like a whisper. Hear me. The silence turns its back. I say one more thing. Nothing. We are bugs in a jar, each in our own. I can see your light but I cannot hear you. I try to scrawl out [...]

Dear Hillary Clinton

I didn’t like you when I first became aware of you. I was twenty-two, and you looked ancient to me at forty-five. (Ha). But not just ancient… grating. Presumptuous. Your husband was [...]

Expect me, darling

Searching through my phone for a picture to go with my piece on cemeteries (link below if you missed it), I came across a note I’d found on top of a tomb in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in New [...]