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Welcome to Come On In Anthology: Misa Sugiura Interview. I was honored to be invited to participate in the anthology Come On In: 15 Stories about Immigration and Finding Home. As the subtitle suggests, it’s full of wonderful, creative and thoughtful stories about the immigrant experience from some of the most wonderful writers working in the business today.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Misa Sugiura, one of the contributors, about her gorgeous story “Where I’m From.” It’s layered and beautiful. Misa’s bio includes the line “Misa is descended from a poet, a priestess, a samurai and a stowaway.” I asked her to pick one of what sound like a plethora of awesome stories. To hear which one she picked, plus all about “Where I’m From,” watch the video below:


My conversation with Misa was free-flowing, interesting and a lot of fun. Even though our immigrant experiences have been very different, I was amazed and delighted at how much common ground I found in her beautiful story, the tale of Eriko, a Japanese immigrant trying to find her way. It reminded me that while immigrants can come from many different places, the experience of being an immigrant can be a bonding and universal thing. Misa’s character faced many experiences I’ve had myself, and was entirely relatable. Check out the video to see which ones I mean. Also: what does it mean to be “from” the United States of “from” somewhere else? What if you feel like you’re neither? We get into this topic and a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it, and that you check out Misa’s heartwarming story.

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