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Fun stuff

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Summer sun is warm, sitting outside with friends is the best, and I thought that calls for a new “Top Things You Don’t Know About Me” post. Here it is: As a teenager I used to head into the city to go watch obscure James Dean TV shows from before he was famous at the […]

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The Big Spring Clean

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“If you want to change your life, move 27 things,” goes an ancient Chinese proverb.  My life is pretty darn awesome, so I don’t want to change it so much as I want to keep the flow moving through it.  I’m a big believer in unburdening myself of “stuff.”  So I’m doing a Big Spring […]

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While I’m on a roll updating the “soundtrack of my life” section, let me share you a song I’ve been obsessed with (OBSESSED WITH) ever since discovering it on the HBO show The Leftovers. I wish this was playing behind me everywhere at all times. Sublime.

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Stolen Dance

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I don’t usually spend much time in the car, which is a shame because that’s the only time I listen to music. It’s one reason I love road trips: music. Should you ever pass me on the highway while I’m on a long road trip you’ll very likely catch me singing like a fool. On […]

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I’m sure you have some cosmic rationale

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Here’s what I learned last night… my new favorite song for powering through a LONG drive after a faraway book appearance is “Pressure” by Billy Joel. Being someone who considers herself a survivor of some stuff, I love the disdain with which he sings about the coddled and the soft. Gotta hand it to Billy […]

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The Rainbow Connection with lyrics

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I first heard The Rainbow Connection when a teacher played it for me in the fourth grade, preparing us to sing it for a school pageant.  It came into my life at a scary time for me.  I had just come over the U.S./Mexico border undocumented a year before.  I had started my first-ever  year […]

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Music from The Secret Side of Empty

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Music played a big part in the writing of The Secret Side of Empty, both from the way I envisioned certain scenes to songs that put me in the right mood for writing.  Since the story is inspired by my own story, there are a few songs, there are a few “oldies” mixed in. Here […]

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Hopelessly Devoted to You with lyrics

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Last night they played Grease on ABC Family.  I tried to watch it with my daughter, who got bored before the first singing number.  “Mommy, was all acting this bad in the seventies?” she asked before going upstairs to catch the latest episode of Long Island Medium.  Even my mom, who suffered through many a […]

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First Novel to be Published Spring, 2014

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My first novel, Illegal, will be published in the Spring of 2014 by Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Look for frequent updates on the book’s website here:  http://illegalthebook.com/

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About Maria E. Andreu

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  Maria E. Andreu, writer, mom, reality t.v. watcher.  Author of the novel, Illegal, due out Spring, 2014 by Running Press.  Visit the book’s website here There is a more serious bio down below if you’re really interested.  Until then, some random stuff. First, more pictures of me.  Just because:           […]

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