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Holy smokes, this makes it feel SOOO real!  The Secret Side of Empty is available for pre-order on  Click here to check it out.

Funny story about how I found out.  I was Googling myself (not in a vain way, I promise) to see if any of the blog tour stops were showing up on Google.  The reason I was involved in this seemingly self-absorbed endeavor is that I appear as Maria E. Andreu in a lot of places, so that if you Google plain old Maria Andreu (no “E”) you don’t get as many results.  Anyway, I was looking into this phenomenon (since I doubt most potential readers will think to Google me with the “E.”)  That’s how I discovered that Goodreads (the social media site for booklovers) had me listed as an author already.  How did they get the news?  No idea.  It’s not exactly a secret, but who knew they would be so proactive about it?

Excited, I posted about it on my Facebook page.  And a friend responded that not only was I on Goodreads but that she had already found my listing on Amazon.  WHAT?!?!  Supreme joy mixed with the teensiest “rubber-meets-the-road” moment of terror.  This thing is happening, people!

Here’s what I found out on my Amazon listing that I didn’t know before.  The book is coming out March 11, 2014.   It will be 320 pages.  It will cost $13.76.  It’s got an ISBN number!  My publisher has been busy taking care of business.  I’ve been seeing catalog copy and other signs of progress from them, but seeing a listing on Amazon somehow makes it deliciously real.  So excited!  Wow!

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