The plane, the plane

I am almost sure the mechanics of breath must have come naturally to me, at some point. It feels hard to believe, now, as I force myself to suck in a breath, and then feel the process rattle to a [...]

World War Z book review

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks My rating: 5 of 5 stars Let me preface this by saying I am not a zombie, a zombie killer or in any way affiliated with zombies. In [...]

Blog tour, day 7

Wrapping up the first week of my blog tour and enjoying the great new bloggers and new Facebook “Like-ers.”  Thanks for stopping by! Today, The Secret Side of Empty is spotlighted in [...]

Blog tour, day 6

Here’s an interview with me on Much-Loved Books.  Love that blog title – I hope one day that’s what people will call The Secret Side of Empty!  Click here to read the interview [...]

Blog tour, day 5

Today’s blog tour stop finds Hispanic little me reviewed at the Irish-est blog I’ve ever seen, Celtic Lady’s Reviews.  (The right hand column of the blog begins, “Because [...]

Blog tour, day 4

Today’s “stop” on the blog tour is at Confessions of an Inner Aspen.  I just love the concept of an “inner” self, a secret self which we don’t reveal to the [...]

Blog tour, day 3

Today, The Secret Side of Empty gets spotlighted in Click here to read on Reese’s Reviews. Also:  five things about Secret Side that might surprise you!  Read it here at Bex-n-Books. Come [...]

Blog tour, day 2!

Here’s a guest post I did about one of my big influences (in life and in writing).  Click here to read it on Take Me Away – a book blog. Also, on today’s second stop, I write [...]

The blog tour begins!

I wanted to start my blog tour today, on my birthday.  I am one of the few grown-ups I know who still takes delight in her birthday as if I’m turning 5 instead of my actual age.  Balloons [...]

Why PRISM is dangerous

Yesterday The Washington Post broke the story that the U.S. and British governments are mining data on individuals on an unprecedented scale, with the cooperation of major U.S. internet companies [...]

New York Daily News Profile

June 2, 2013 – The New York Daily News, probably one of the first newspapers I ever read, did a piece on me and the story behind The Secret Side of Empty.  Pretty cool! Read it here:  New [...]

Living the dream

I once heard that life is about being dissatisfied.  The thinking goes it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Dissatisfaction is what drives progress.  Dissatisfaction with foraging led to [...]