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They wonder, sometimes, why those of us who live in the Northeast cling with terror to our shorelines when we read about the crap that happens in the middle of the country.  Yes, I know it’s wrong to lump a whole group of people together.  But indulge me for a second.  This crap that was going on at the University of Texas Austin has temporarily left me without the power of reason.  Click here to read all about it.

A group called the Young Conservatives of Texas thought it would be really clever to offer a reward for anyone catching an illegal immigrant.  How?  Details are sketchy.  But the reward shows the value placed on upending the lives of people who are stuck in a crappy system and are here to feed their families doing work no one else will do:  a $25 gift card.  Presumably from Bigots-R-Us.

YTC Chairman (wait for it) Lorenzo Garcia “took issue” with the backlash his group received over this sickening stunt.  He said he had hoped to stir up debate about immigration.  I hope it stirs up debate about bigotry and hatred and treating human beings as if they are worthless objects of ridicule.

Argh.  Just argh.

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