The Other Sound

New York is a city of exclusions.  People who pay thousands of dollars to live in a shoebox (in midtown!) look down on those of us who pay the same about for a four-bedroom house nine miles away. [...]


I have always had a thing for Wonder Woman. Today, I am wearing one of my several Wonder Woman T-shirts. I have a cute little Wonder Woman ring I got handmade on Etsy. On the door to my bedroom [...]

Turkey shortage?

Butterball, one of the US’s main producers of Thanksgiving turkeys, has announced a 50% drop in turkeys 16 pounds and up. Thank goodness I ordered that heritage turkey. Now, I’m a [...]

Pacifist Day

I am a hardcore pacifist.  I believe in peace.  I believe that all human conflict can be resolved non-violently and that in the future there will be no more war.  I just have to believe that [...]

The death of darkness

I was on a bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town, South Africa a few years ago.  It was its own brand of hell, stuck in a cramped seat for 19 hours with a colorful cast of characters.  (And if you [...]

On shaky ground

On Wednesday, near the end of the workday, I stood up from my desk to go get a cup of tea, took a step and fell down like a sack of potatoes. It took me a few seconds to realize my ankle had [...]