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The trailer for Maleficent has just been released!  I am such a fangirl that I actually knew the date it was scheduled to happen.  I love Angelina Jolie and I especially love her in the role of Maleficent.  So it was in my calendar.

My history with Maleficent, the “villain” of Sleeping Beauty, is long.  Sleeping Beauty was one of the first stories I read on my own and, before then, the one I begged my mother to read me.  Of course, at the start, it was Aurora who caught my eye.  But, later, when I began to understand my situation as an undocumented immigrant, reviled and unheard, I also rethought my relationship to “villains.”  Who was telling their stories?  Very often there is no “evil,” but just opposing points of view.  I couldn’t help but think that history (even fairy tales) were told by the winners.  And so Maleficent began to fascinate me.

I’ve often rooted for the “bad guys,” especially when I have felt that the official account didn’t tell the whole story.

When I heard they were making a movie about Maleficent, I was beside myself.  And then I heard Angelina Jolie was cast in the title role!  Who else can do cold and wronged better?  It is going to be amazing.

Interesting factoid:  my main character in The Secret Side of Empty wears a Maleficent T-shirt in one scene and has a conversation with her boyfriend about the issue of “victors tell the tales.”  Her boyfriend doesn’t get it.  But I do!

Check out the trailer.  My favorite line:  “I am not afraid.”

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