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As with any good project with sloth as its central theme, I have only gotten around to documenting my Twelve Days of Christmas today, on its third day.  With carefully put-together personal days and vacation days, I made it so that I won’t have to work again until 2014 – a full 12 days of lounging.

My goals for this staycation project are:

Do fun things with the kids
Try new things
Meditate daily
And, for one “grown-up” goal: Get the house liveable by clearing away clutter in the basement and spare bedroom.

So, how am I doing?

Well, so far so good on the writing.  Except last night I was in a quasi-sleep mode and had this awful sleep/wake moment of certainty that my writing would all amount to naught.  Argh.  Too much rest might turn out to be a bad thing.  But at least I’m writing my perfectly mediocre, never-to-be-successful words on a regular basis.

Memorable things with the kids:  Check.  I’ve squeezed in at least one session of one-on-one time with each of them every day.  I always think quality time needs to be something spectacular, like trapeze lessons or something.  Then they always remind me that an hour of video games or a movie does just as much.

Try new things:  ummm… no.  Because I am kind of a conservative at heart.  I bought sliced chipotle gouda and that’s about as adventurous as I get (verdict: yuck).  I think I may be rethinking the “try new things” goal for these twelve days of Christmas of mine.  I have a massage scheduled for later in the week at a spa I’ve never been before, and that may be all the innovation I can muster.

Meditate daily:  yes!  So far so good on that.   Am I a more relaxed human?  No.  But at least I’m facing the mountain of wrapping still left to do with zen detachment.

Grown-up goal:  Well… I’ve taken the cardboard recycling out to the front porch… does that count?  God, I hate drudgery.

Happy almost-Christmas!

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