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It is no secret that I hate commuting into New York City.  There are many things about it that are soul-sucking: the crowds, the wait.  But probably worst of all is the awful, disjointed public transportation.  For “the greatest city in the world,” the options for getting in and out of it are dismal once you get out of New York City proper.  I am nine miles out of midtown Manhattan as the crow flies, but I have to avail myself of the system set up in the 1950s – stinky little unreliably-scheduled buses.

I’m not the only one who complains.  Sometimes we all complain collectively on a talk group for residents of our town.  Sometimes some of us contact our state representatives.  Sometimes said representatives set up meetings for us to be heard.

And sometimes the local media writes about it.  Click here to read me quoted by at my complainy best.

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