Perry Author Festival

I’ll be at the Perry Author Festival in lovely Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday, October 16th.  I hope to meet you there if you’re in the area.  Mark you calendar! I’ll post a flyer [...]

The Great Wiper Saga

One day, my left windshield wiper inexplicably stopped working. It spazzed out a little, made some jerky motions and sort of hovered in the middle of its trajectory. The other wiper, dumb and not [...]

When bellyaching gets results

It is no secret that I hate commuting into New York City.  There are many things about it that are soul-sucking: the crowds, the wait.  But probably worst of all is the awful, disjointed public [...]

Raise it up

Two very important events will be happening this coming June 14th. The first is that it’s the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner.  To celebrate, on Flag Day the Smithsonian will [...]

After all this time

The other day I was out to lunch at Whole Foods with my brother, when I cracked open some supplements I had bought and began to dilute them with water.  I’ve been having unspecified stomach [...]

King of Spain to abdicate

I have had a crush on the Prince of Spain since I was a little girl and lived there for six months at the age of seven.  I mean… who wouldn’t want to marry a prince?  The old ladies, [...]