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It’s true, I am a terrible attention hog on my birthday.  I start spreading the word around March that the most important day of the year is on its way: June 14th, Flag Day, otherwise known as The Day I Celebrate My Birth. (35 days away, but who’s counting?).

When I was a teenager and continued to make a grammar-school-sized big deal of my birthday, grown-ups told me I’d get over it.  Nope.  Not yet anyway.

But this year I have a legitimate excuse to bug everyone I know to MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!  Not only is June 14th my birthday, it is also the date for BooksNJ, a fabulous book festival here in northern New Jersey.  I can’t think of anything more fun to do on my birthday than to guilt all my loved ones to come hear me speak and watch me sign books… nirvana!  If you are within 200 miles of my voice, I expect you there!  (Pretty please 🙂  And tell all the high school English teachers you know to tell their students (there will be plenty of fun for adult readers too).  There may be a cupcake in it for you if you come celebrate with me.  Also, I’m having a party at my house afterwards!

Click here for the BooksNJ website.  I have it on good authority that the schedule is going up this week.

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