Sweet spring

Sweet spring Hold me close Kiss away the chafe of a cruel, indifferent winter Love me well Your balmy air on my skin Help me forget the chill I see you close, A wide-eyed moon smiling down A [...]

Sorcery in a tube

There are times in a person’s life when things happen that can’t be explained by reason. Paul getting knocked off this horse on the road to Damascus. Lamp oil that should only last [...]


I found out that Justice Scalia had died when a liberal friend texted me to say, “Too bad we live in different cities, or we could have a goodbye party for Scalia now.” It was dark [...]

Do that thing

You know that thing you want to do, but which you’re afraid might not turn out well? The thing that scares you? The worst failure is in not going for it. Do it today. Follow your heart. It [...]