When all is lost

When my daughter was around ten, she walked home from school clutching a bright purple flower she’d picked from a neighbor’s front yard. “Can we get this?” she asked. She [...]

Panel announced: June 10th

I’m excited to be participating in the Maplewood/South Orange Book Festival, and thrilled to invite you to my panel, “The Immigrant Experience in Young Adult Fiction,” featuring [...]

Little Wonders

Today, a friend sent me pictures of a litter of kittens she’d found behind her garage. The implication was clear, although she was smart enough not to come out with it: one of these could [...]

Class migrants

Much is said about people moving from one country to another, or about people of one race living among those of a different race. But not as much is said about people crossing class barriers. As [...]

The hangover

I don’t feel like rising. I can manage on my side, breath in and out, the black sheep cat nestled in the crook of my arm. In and out. I can do this, but not much more. I’m not sad. [...]

Another novel finished

Last night, at around 11:00 pm, I finished writing a first draft of a novel. It is the third I’ve finished since the one I published. The tale of why none of the three have made it out in [...]

On being one-note

I wish I could write about more things. I’ve often lamented to myself that my blog goes like this: finding that you’ve somehow become the adult is weird, men and relationships are [...]