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Here’s how I soothe myself when I am horrified by the massive derailment of our democracy that is currently underway. I tell myself, “This too shall pass.” Then I tell myself, “The books exposing this madness are going to keep coming FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.”

A list of my fantasy line-up of Trump Administration books of the next fifty years:

  • The Final Days, by Jeffrey Toobin
  • The Biggest Heist – Ten Trump Scandals You Never Even Knew About (because who had time to keep up?)
  • Selling the Presidency by the writers at ProPublica
  • The Economic Fall-out of the Trump Years by Robert Reich
  • A Comprehensive Database of All the Emails the Trump Administration Didn’t Want You To See
  • Inside the Impeachment that Rocked a Nation
  • My Truth, by Melania Knauss (formerly Trump)
  • You Want Truth? by Marla Maples
  • You Can’t Handle the Truth by Ivana Trump
  • Seeing the Truth About My Father by Ivanka Trump
  • The Bullet I Dodged by Hope Hicks
  • Inside the Prison Life of Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner
  • The Mailroom Clerk that Brought Down a President (subtitled: How We Finally Got the Tax Returns)
  • Trump Fifty Years Later and the Unexpected Ways Our Worst President Strengthened Our Union

A girl can dream.

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