The Deepest Well

The other day, in the airport, I took an excursion to the bookstore. Airport bookstores are some of my favorite places – something about the careful curation of the offerings – and I [...]

A girl called Marvelous

On Saturday, I told myself I was due for a news fast. Wave after crashing wave of bad news has been leaving me drained, and I wanted a clear head and a fun weekend. With a bit of downtime but my [...]

Questions of power

This past week I got some disappointing feedback on my latest manuscript from an industry professional. (The feedback was, basically: do better). I ran through the usual gamut of emotions… [...]

Purely fun

The super cool author Jennifer Lynn Gillham was going on a trip… and offered to take THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY with her. (It wasn’t just SECRET SIDE. Follow her on Instagram to see the [...]

Books I ache to read

Here’s how I soothe myself when I am horrified by the massive derailment of our democracy that is currently underway. I tell myself, “This too shall pass.” Then I tell myself, [...]