The last lockdown

The great tragedy of my middle age has been to finally get to unwrap the beautiful gift box of the American Dream, and to find that’s what’s contained within is not all I hoped for [...]

Rainy days

Rain is the wish for warm skin against mine the thought of the drain outside my basement which capriciously backs rainwater into my home some rainy days yes, some rainy days no. Rain is the empty [...]

The morning-room

I follow a bunch of Instagram accounts for real estate and decor. This morning, one of them posted a listing that absolutely melted my heart. It caught my eye because the house was beautiful, and [...]

Star Spangled

The man, thirty-three years old, was living in perilous times. There was a war going on. Just the month before, the enemy had burned down several of his young country’s most symbolic [...]


I have had what most people would consider an intense life. I didn’t know it for a long time. For much of my youth, I often thought about how boring my life was, how I should jetset more, [...]