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This morning, a friend posted her personality test results on Facebook.  For kicks, I figured I’d take the test too.  My results?  I am what’s called a Dreamy Idealist.  When I read the results they were so spot on it was like someone had followed me around and written down everything I believed about myself and the world.  Check out the Dreamy Idealist description:  click here.

Then, on the bus ride into work I watched a documentary called The Lottery of Birth.  (See trailer below).  Because, yes, not only am I a dreamy idealist, I am an uber-geek that watches documentaries on the way to my way to work, work which does not require that I use any of that information or curiosity.  (But I digress).  The Lottery of Birth is a fascinating analysis of how our world shapes our beliefs about what is possible.  It talks a lot about how education makes us into good little soldiers to uphold the status quo… otherwise known as the opposite of dreamy idealists.  No wonder I’m so damn cranky and lonely in a world of the indoctrinated.

Anyway, the good news to all this is that I got an amazing idea for a book.  It’s going to have to get in line behind the 5 other well-outlined and equally fabulous ideas for books waiting to be written, but at least it’s how I find a little joy in saying F U to the establishment.  You squash my dreamy idealism, I write a book about it.  Eventually, ideas are bound to win.

PS – for kicks I answered the opposite of what I believed on the personality test just to see what some of the other options were.  That one got the Determined Realist.  (Blerg.  It even sounds ugly, angular and cold).  Click here for the description of the Determined Realist.  Or, better yet, take the personality test yourself.  Click here.

But, more importantly, fellow dreamy idealists, get thee to watching The Lottery of Birth:

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