Fire. And Fury.

I hate. That is the overwhelming feeling in my body, starting in a furnace where my rib cage meets my belly, crawling up my chest to my throat: hate. It wasn’t always this way. I have [...]

She drives

When my daughter was in middle school, she had to write what were called “Current Events.” Just that, the whole phrase a noun, an essay each week to prove she was, indeed, reading [...]


I am in my illegal apartment. It has a metal shower, the floor of it nearly rusted through, which is across from the kitchen sink and the stove. The toilet is in what looks like a small closet, a [...]

Oprah, please don’t

I missed the Golden Globes, but I couldn’t escape Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. It littered my Facebook feed. It was on the news. Many of my liberal friends posted it with breathless [...]

A distant thunder

Lay me down now the wildness of things The tilting at windmills The perking up my ears at the call of wolves The watering of forget-me-nots The holding of seats The silence of the hollow. And let [...]

A frozen place

“They’re saying it’s going to get down to one degree tonight.” I know. I’ve heat-wrapped the main pipe coming into my house and put my car in the garage. It’s [...]

Eating crickets

I am – utterly predictably and like a great percentage of the Western world – on a post-New Year’s health kick. Yes, gym, and all that, but I’m also trying to squeeze in [...]