Bury me in Longyearbyen

I am afraid to die. To be honest, I find anyone who isn’t a little suspect. The annihilation of everything you are, snuffed for eternity? Holy smokes. If there is anything more profoundly [...]

The habit of anxiety

When I used to have to park my car in the street, I collected parking tickets by the boatload. They were cheap at the time – $15 or so, as I recall – but I’d let them fester, [...]


I’ve been swimming in the past lately. Last week was my 30th high school reunion. Last night I went out to dinner with an old high school friend who couldn’t make the reunion and who [...]

Things older than dirt: me

I had two teachers who changed my life: one was my high school English teacher, who had such an exuberant, quirky way of bringing literature to life (think: teaching Grendel with puppets to [...]