The unluckies

It is said that mothers shouldn’t play favorites, not even cat mothers. If that’s the case, I am probably a bad mother. And, well, maybe something of a crazy cat lady. When it became [...]

I am me

The other day, I was flummoxed by this suggestion: describe yourself not in relationship to anyone else, or to what you do. I thought. Hmm. The first descriptors that came to mind were out: [...]

The good days

It is an impossibly, heartbreakingly, stunningly gorgeous day. I am called to words as the devoted are called to song. In worship. In awe. Renewed, and made whole again by a thick blue sky, a [...]

When is it time?

When I was a kid and first exposed to Anne Frank’s diary, my first glimpse into the horrors of the Holocaust, everything seemed really cut and dried. Of course Miep and the others would [...]