Keep on going

Late last winter, I received a certified letter. It was notice of an application for a variance on a property within 250 feet from my home. I live on a hill, on a quiet little dead end with a [...]

A New Zarya

Naming children proved to be something of a challenge for me and my ex-husband. Even at the pinnacle of our relationship, compromise was hard. He wanted Greek and traditional. I wanted original [...]

The perfect party

These are dark, dark days in our democracy. An infantile madman’s finger is twitching by the pardon pen to wipe away the rightful consequences of his crony’s actions. The same lunatic [...]

Midday at RVN TV

It was great to be invited for an interview at RVN TV to talk about the upcoming Collingswood Book Festival, where I’ll be appearing, along with a ton of awesome authors. I come in at the [...]

My body, myself

In the early 90s, I belonged to one of those book clubs that shipped you books every month if you didn’t tell them not to. Their business model depended on people like me, lazy people who [...]