Birth Wars

In today’s birthing world, no decision about pregnancy and newborns seems easy.  Epidural or not?  Midwife or doctor?  Breastfeeding and pumping, or supplemental formula?  Every decision is [...]

There is always after

I don’t deal with bad news well.  No one does, I guess, but I am particularly inept.  I come from a long generation of people who know that things are just not going to end well.  I have dragged [...]

A Hurricane of Anger

It only takes me 4 days with no power and heat to see violence in a whole new way. I don’t participate in any. Or even consider it, not really. But I feel it bubble up inside me, the call [...]

Dark Roots

I’m a faker.  I’m a faker and a poser and, what’s worse, I wear the evidence right on my head.  But it’s so wavy and luscious I can hardly feel bad about it. When I was growing up, my mother told [...]

When Did I Become the Grown-Up?

“Who left the empty yogurt box in the refrigerator?”  I call out in frustration.  Someone has finished the extra large pack of yogurts, and left the bare box in place. There is a studied silence [...]