Back from San Fran!

To top off my highest travel year to date, last week I headed to San Francisco for a whirlwind three-day trip full of fun, eating, more eating and one fabulous party.  I had drinks in the Castro [...]

The 1728 Day Plan

In a little over 1,700 days, I will stop being the me I currently am and start being a new me.  What she will look like or how she will fill her days, I have no idea.  But the countdown has [...]


I try to skip lightly through the dark parking lot.  I have at least had enough common sense to give in to the elements and not wear party shoes, instead opting for a sensible pair of boots.  I [...]

It’s science!

Yesterday I wrote about some icky feelings I’d been having.  After doing that, I felt much better.  It always works that way for me. Today, a Facebook friend pasted a link to an article [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, darlings.  Here it is, one of my absolute favorite days to be an American… Thanksgiving. I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving when I was little.  As recent immigrants, my parents [...]

NCTE Signing

Hello, dears! Just wanted to to let you know this weekend’s big highlight is my book signing at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference. A convention center full of [...]


I cheated today.  I’m not proud to admit it, but confession is good for the soul, so here goes. It was getting late in the afternoon and I hadn’t written yet.  I was at risk of not [...]

Just stuff

Hello, sugar cubes! Happy Saturday!  I just wanted to check in at the start of my day.  Without kids (they’re about to both go spend the day with friends), I have a fun day ahead and I [...]

Are you at risk?

Yesterday, I read with interest and a little concern the big headline story about the study that suggests that soldiers at high risk for suicide can be identified through a mathematical model. [...]

The bomb

I was in my big meeting of the week yesterday when I got a text from my daughter, “They evacuated us. It’s not a drill.” She’d called first but since I was on a conference [...]

November rose

Happy Friday! Today I am joyful and grateful for many things. I was reminded of this when I saw my strong little Knockout rose still braving a bloom. So many small joys this week: a kickboxing [...]

NaNoWriMo – Day 4

Not gonna lie, peeps, this NaNo is making me feel pretty badass. Yesterday I had a crazy hectic day, worked like mad, voted, had to juggle an appliance repair visit, meetings, a kid with a tennis [...]